The inspection agency will conduct is agricultural services to meet the international or local regulations for all the different categories including but not limited to, vegetable oils, fats, dairy products, livestock, grains, produce, etc. As in any other inspection, the personnel or third party needs to be qualified, skilled and experience to conduct the inspection.

Some of the activities performed in the agricultural arena include but not limited to: visual inspection, the fitness of the facilities to store grains, the ability of cargo containers to transport the goods, loading and unloading, leaks and spills, packaging, labeling, and marking. When sampling is requested, these will be obtain at the place of the inspection depending on the load or quantity a sample representation will be obtained to get a better positive test results, this samples will be labeled and marked accordingly with the test that needs to be conducted like, quality, condition, temperature, expiration, contamination etc.

When instruments are implemented, the personnel of the inspection agency will record, the readings in the check list, along with time, batch number, etc.

Samples are identified with the name, place, date, time, test needed to be conducted and seal to avoid tampering of the same. When a third party is used, the information of the third party and the inspection Read More....