The guidelines to inspect commodities, mineral or fertilizers are outlined as per the standards and norms in place at time of the inspection, such services encompasses the inspection at the site of exploration, production, logistics and end use of the commodities.

The inspection agency will deploy its experience personnel to conduct such test or inspection as well as to employ at its discretion a third party qualified or in compliance or fit to conduct the inspection. Such personnel must have 5-10 years of experience, in the field, the equipment must be certified prior to conduct the inspection, calibrated etc., the inspection agency must have access to laboratories to send samples for testing, and such facilities need to have the equipment necessaries to take such testing jobs. Most requirement for testing fall in the quality testing of the part, proper storage and handling, loading and unloading, etc.

Witnessing of weight by the inspection agency is another service provided in which the agency sends an inspector to validate the weighting procedures of a third party, such witnessing must be recorded and feedback to customer with the findings and compliance of the same.

The inspection agency once nominated by the customer to attend or perform an inspection job Read More....