NQAQSR is a company whose sole purpose is to provide customers worldwide the means and tools necessary to their day to day cargo transactions in the different markets such as paper, metal, minerals, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, maritime, electronics, healthcare, etc. NQAQSR adheres to the strictest norms and methods, standards, compliance regulations. All of this with one thing in mind to minimize the impact between exporter and importer.

If you are a customer who can benefit from any of the services we provide, be rest assured you come to the right company. We deliver quality service in a timely manner. By partnering with NQAQSR you are partnering with a group of employees and resources that will stand by you every step of the process.

NQAQSR is an independent privately owned American Company.

We are a dedicated Group having our prime focus on extending value and time based services to Customers to reduce any hindrances they face to achieve their goal in a better managed manner. NQAQSR enjoys handling responsibility to help organizations with the tools and resources needed by them to improve operations in select but important business Read More....