If you want to make sure you get what you paid for, the quantity, consistency, quality, documentation, appearance, finish, color, packaging, labeling, marking, compliance of the country of destination; then a Pre-Shipment Inspection is needed.

When our customers request our services they do it with one thing in mind: A reputable independent inspection company. Once our inspection is conducted and the findings are satisfactory as well as compliant a Certificate of Inspection is issued to customer.

Our Pre-Shipment Inspection services cover diverse areas such as: Consumer goods, technical, chemical, mineral, metal, automotive, etc.

Services offered are performed at job sites, plants, factories, place of shipment, loading or unloading.

Depending on the nature of the inspection needed NQAQSR uses its vast portfolio of resources at its disposal including but not limited to: Personnel, Testing instruments, Laboratories, procedures and norms as well Read More....